Genesis: Paradise Lost


"I love seeing the quality of what the GENESIS producers have done and the truth it presents. This is something we can truly get behind because it will arm those in the faith with the biblical information and worldview needed to fight for truth!"
Alex Kendrick, Director of War Room, Fireproof and Courageous

"I love the book of Genesis and I love the fact that it lays the foundation for all the theological themes we find in the Bible. This is the battleground. When we are teaching Apologetics, Genesis is the place we have to start!"
Voddie Baucham, author, pastor, and seminary Dean of the African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia

"What a great great movie! I am awed by the amount of wonderful apologetic evidence woven in with such amazing CGI. It was just awesome."
Christian Batcheller, Email Review

"Phenomenal. Our family has been following the raising of funds to get this movie out for the past 3 years. It DID NOT disappoint. We saw it in 3d and felt as if we were actually walking through the Garden of Eden. The theatre was packed."
Brad LaDonna Lewis, Facebook Review

"Atheist came in making lude comments, then after movie ended all I heard from him was silence, and he clapped! Amen. You did it, one soul saved and now believes..."
Ezmi Leyyva, Facebook Review

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"I am so excited that the message of God's record of history at its beginning is now a 3D film project, and that it is already resonating with so many people. This high-tech film for the big screen reveals God's historic account of Creation. More importantly, it offers an invitation to the viewer to enter into a relationship with Christ."
Ken Ham, President & CEO, Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum

"What better way to present America's forgotten history than with the movie that starts at the very beginning—Genesis chapter 1! Full of high-tech animation, this 3D, out-of-the-box documentary film propels you to experience Genesis chapter one in a way that you’ll never forget! "
David Barton, Founder of WallBuilders

"GENESIS: PARADISE LOST lets viewers experience the very foundation of our faith— in the beginning, God!"
Eric Hovind, President of Creation Today

"Watching this film was a blessing. Seeing science and the Book of Genesis go hand and hand then hearing the Gospel was an amazing journey!"
Michael, Rotten Tomatoes Review

"It was awesome! Can't wait to see what you do in Part 2!"
Christie Mach, Email Review

"Genesis Paradise Lost movie was everything I thought it could be with all the positive proofs presented to validate young earth as is described the Book of Genesis. I highly recommend it as one of the best presentations of its kind ever."
Dwight Grantham, Email Review

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