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Dr. Charles Jackson

Professor of Creation Science

Dr. Charles Jackson, affectionately known as Dr. J, received a BS (Biology), MS (Science Ed.) and MS (Environmental Bio.) from George Mason University, and an EdD (Science Ed.) from University of Virginia. Dr. J is also a life time member of Mensa and the Creation Research Society.

Both Jackson and his wife Bonnie taught in inner city schools in Oklahoma before moving to Virginia where their investment in young people continues. Bonnie works with special education students and Dr. J serves as instructor at Grace Christian School in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Staunton, Virginia. Jackson’s high demand schedule also includes serving as Professor of Creation Science online courses at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and a Missionary to College Students. Many call upon Jackson’s sharp scientific mind to write and edit scientific material for articles, scientific journals, magazines, and books.

Jackson stands out as speaker on both Biblical and scientific topics, as well as a crafted defender of Biblical truth. Teaching biology, physics, life science, physical science, biology, and chemistry for over 20 years, his experience in education prepared him well for his work speaking and debating in creation science. Dr. Jackson emphasizes the literal interpretation of the Scriptural account of Creation as being both scientifically and historically true, and indeed eminently superior compared to secular sources referencing these topics. He has addressed literally thousands as keynote conference speaker including such events as Tennessee Regional Mathematics & Science Summit, Knoxville, TN; the Far West Popular Culture Association, Las Vegas, NV; and Instituting an Academic Achievement Program to Support Other-Race First-Year Students at a Major University, in addition to numerous creation science oriented events in the U.S. and abroad.

Jackson’s impressive international radio and television itinerary include Croatian Radio lecturing at the University of Split, Peruvian National Television in Lima, and several Venezuela university campuses, and well as many US radio and television too numerous to detail. His flair for debate include engaging professors at Tennessee Tech University, University of Texas (Tyler), Stephen F. Austin University (Texas), University of Nevada (Las Vegas), Oklahoma State University (Stillwater), and DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana).

The Jacksons currently reside in the Shenandoah Valley’s beautiful setting, an added bonus to their life’s work and wonderful people in the surrounding countryside. Dr. J. and Bonnie’s blended families include four adult children who live in Kentucky, Florida, and California.

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