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Dr. David Menton

Professor of Anatomy

Dr. David Menton was born in Mankato, Minnesota, and grew up as an only child who possessed a strong interest in all kinds of science, even converting a small room in his basement into a well-equipped chemistry laboratory. This lifelong scientific interest led to his study of biology and chemistry at Minnesota State University in Mankato, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science.

After a six-month tour of active duty in the Army Reserves, Dr. Menton worked two years as a research laboratory technician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. He left Mayo to do graduate work at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he received his PhD in biology.

Following graduation from Brown, Dr. Menton accepted a position in the department of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis where he did research and taught human anatomy and histology. He received awards both for his research and teaching including twice awarded Professor of the Year, Distinguished Service Teaching Award five times, Silver Award for Basic Research from the American Academy of Dermatology, and was distinctly profiled in American Men and Women of Science.

During his tenure at Washington University, Dr. Menton served as the histology consultant for five editions of Stedman’s Medical Dictionary and was a guest lecturer at Stanford University Medical School. Two summers were spent studying an unusual wound healing mechanism in sea cucumbers at Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory. Dr. Menton retired in 2000 as an Associate Professor Emeritus after 34 years on the faculty.

Shortly after retirement, Dr. Menton joined Answers in Genesis giving workshops throughout the U.S. as well as overseas, including recent events in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Trinidad, Peru, and Turkey. Audiences of all ages enjoy his well-illustrated and often humorous presentations on a variety of fascinating scientific topics.

Dr. Menton is married and has two adult daughters and three grandchildren. His hobbies include: photo microscopy, magical entertainment, playing percussion instruments, listening to jazz and classical music (especially baroque) and vinyl recordings on high-quality audio gear. The only foods he doesn’t like are vital organs and small portions. As to his outrageous sense of humor, Dr. Menton says that he uses it to make his lectures on biology educational . . . as well as boring.

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