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Dr. John Baumgardner

Dr. John Baumgardner holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics and Space Physics from UCLA and since the early 1980’s he has undertaken most of the primary research undergirding the concept of catastrophic plate tectonics in connection with Noah’s Flood. Beginning in 1997 he served on the Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE) team that documented multiple independent lines of radioisotope evidence that the earth is thousands, not billions, of years old.

During Baumgarnder’s time as an electrical engineering  graduate student he discovered the dramatic reality of Jesus through a group Bible study of John’s Gospel. Following his four-year Air Force tour of duty involving high energy laser research, he joined the campus staff of Campus Crusade for Christ developing and presenting classroom lectures and evening forums to expose evolution’s false claims on college campuses.

In the course of this apologetics ministry, Baumgardner realized that Noah’s Flood logically must have involved a planetary-scale tectonic catastrophe.  This insight prompted him to begin a doctoral program in Geophysics at UCLA to obtain the expertise and credentials to address the problem of the mechanism of the Genesis Flood at a professional scientific level. As part of his doctoral research he developed a 3-D spherical shell model for the earth’s mantle, a program now known as TERRA.

After completing his Ph.D., Baumgardner accepted a staff scientist position at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he explored the dynamics of the earth’s mantle, including its potential for catastrophic overturn and its key role in the Genesis Flood.  Baumgardner has presented these findings, a framework now known as catastrophic plate tectonics, at seven International Conferences on Creationism.

Also during his employment at Los Alamos, Baumgardner served as a member of the Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE) team and led the RATE research effort on carbon-14. Retiring from Los Alamos, he joined the Institute for Creation Research in 2005 where he helped develop a state-of-the-art computer program named Mendel’s Accountant for modeling of the processes of mutation and natural selection.

Currently, Dr. Baumgardner is an adjunct faculty member of Southern California Seminary in San Diego and a senior research associate with Logos Research Associates. He and his wife Mary live in the San Diego area.

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