Frequently asked questions

How can I help spread the word about Genesis: Paradise Lost?

We have prepared a Volunteer Outreach Guide that will give you several ideas and help you be part of our grassroots strategy to help everyone in America know about the film and its potential impact in our culture. You can find the Volunteer Guide on the Resource page of 

What is the main message of GENESIS: PARADISE LOST?

GENESIS: PARADISE LOST presents God’s Creation of the world as recorded in the first chapter of the Bible—Genesis Chapter 1. Intertwined with the computer generated images are interviews with scientists and theologians. GENESIS: PARADISE LOST will challenge our culture’s indoctrination into the evolutionary worldview with biblical and scientific facts, and show that a person’s view of origins affects everything, including the sanctity of life, an individual’s purpose for existing, and what happens after death. The film ends with a clear presentation of the Gospel. 

What age is this movie appropriate for?

 At the end of October we had our world premiere for all the people involved in the film. With over 350 people and dozens of children, we were blessed to have amazing reactions from all ages. We had children from 5 years old and up in the theater and everyone loved it. Understand that there are some documentary portions that will go over their heads, but they will love the 3D animation as the universe is created before their very eyes! We encourage you to watch the trailer to see for yourself what the different portions of the film will look like. Genesis: Paradise Lost has been given a PG rating for “THEMATIC ELEMENTS” by the Motion Picture Association of America. 

Will GENESIS: PARADISE LOST be playing abroad?

We are so incredibly grateful for all of the international support that we have received and we would love to see this film available worldwide. At this time, Fathom, the company taking Genesis: Paradise Lost into theaters, is focusing on theatrical release on November 13, 2017 in the United States only.

However, translation work is already underway and is planned to be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download sometime during the next six months. We pray these resources will be effective in spreading the Gospel worldwide.

Will closed captioning be available for GENESIS: PARADISE LOST?

Closed Captioning will not be available for the theatrical release but is planned to be available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital download sometime during the next six months. However, subtitles will be available in 12 different languages. 

Will GENESIS: PARADISE LOST be available in different languages?

Translations are already underway with 24 languages currently in progress. We hope to have these available via DVD, Blu-ray and Video Download within six months of the theatrical release. We will update the status of this worldwide outreach via the website and email (subscribe here). If you are interested in volunteering to translate the Genesis film, email us at We are specifically praying for both Arabic and Hindi translators.