Discover WHY Paradise was LOST and HOW it can be FOUND!

A 7-Session Small Group Curriculum based on the epic production GENESIS: PARADISE LOST

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7-session small group study CURRICULUM

Featuring scenes from the award-winning film, GENESIS: Paradise Lost

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Lost Study Group Curriculum



God originally created the universe as a perfect paradise for mankind—but that’s not the world we see today. Instead, identity crisis, wrecked homes, racism, rapidly rising suicide rates, hate-filled rioters and terrorists, financial uncertainty, distrust, sex trafficking, and more injustices surround us. In Romans 1, Paul wrote about these unthinkable depravities found in a rapidly declining culture. So what happened to Paradise? What changed? With seemingly the whole world in crisis, discover what we have LOST, and how it can be FOUND!

7-Session Topics Include:
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Have you felt the frustration of not knowing who to trust? Are you confused about your identity and purpose? Every journey must begin by knowing where you are at. We are . . .  LOST!

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Discover WHY Paradise was LOST and HOW it can be FOUND!

In a traumatized culture where individuals have lost their identity and purpose, this study explodes with practical truth for finding an unshakable foundation of joy, hope, and peace.