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  • Teach Them Diligently “Movie Of The Year” September 28, 2018
    GENESIS: Paradise Lost named "Movie of the Year!" One of the largest Homeschool Conference Organizations in America has just named Genesis: Paradise Lost their "Movie of the Year!" Genesis will be showcased at the 7 Teach Them Diligently Conferences scheduled in 2019. I believe your family would be blessed by attending one of these experiences.  If you register
    Eric Hovind
  • GENESIS: Paradise Lost Movie Night September 28, 2018
    Bring GENESIS: Paradise Lost to Your Community! Are you ready for an already organized, out-of-the-box evangelistic outreach for your ministry to use? With options to host a showing at your own venue or GO BIG with a 3D event at your local theater, we have everything you need to start planning an impactful evening with GENESIS: Paradise
    Eric Hovind
  • Genesis Wins Best Documentary At CIFF September 21, 2018
    Film About Dinosaurs In The Bible Wins Best Documentary! This weekend I attended the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario. We were blessed to be nominated as a finalist out of more than 170 films submitted. Talking to people after the showing of our film we knew we hit home with
    Eric Hovind
  • Dream Come True: 4D Theater at Creation Museum September 13, 2018
    What's YOUR dream? Have you ever waited a significant amount of time for something to happen in your life? Not just days or weeks, I’m talking about YEARS? Well, for the Creation Today Team, we have waited for years in order to experience what we experienced this past weekend! Our Dream of Genesis in 4D!
    Eric Hovind
  • Experiencing Creation Week at the Creation Museum August 13, 2018
    An Amazing New Attraction at the Creation Museum I had the privilege of being in the audience for the premiere showing of In Six Days in the Creation Museum’s brand-new 4D Special Effects Theater. This 22-minute animated film is a large section of the spectacular feature-length film Genesis: Paradise Lost. I saw that film in 3D at a local theater when
    Avery Foley
  • Genesis Movie Worldwide! August 2, 2018
    We have been thrilled to hear the results from Genesis Movie Nights that churches and organizations are hosting both nationwide and worldwide! Each time a Public Viewing License is purchased, our office cheers and praises God for the continued outreach! Let me introduce myself... My name is Amanda and I am blessed to work customer
    Amanda Mason
  • Impacting Communities with Genesis Movie Nights July 11, 2018
    Genesis Movie Night Outreach Events are already impacting communities!  Churches and Creation organizations are sharing their pictures and amazing outreach results hosting their events.  With the movie’s wide appeal to all ages, this intriguing, fun activity attracts people for YOUR entire community.  Hey!  Who doesn’t like a FREE movie complete with FREE popcorn and FREE
    Jo Hovind
  • Ironic review of Genesis: Paradise Lost June 6, 2018
    An ironic review of Genesis: Paradise Lost missed the point of the entire movie! A review was recently published by the Biologos Foundation of the film GENESIS: Paradise Lost.  (Note: Biologos is an organization that promotes Theistic Evolution - the idea that God used the unscientific process of evolution in His creation of the world.)
    Dr. Andrew Fabich
  • Going Global with the Gospel in GENESIS: Paradise Lost March 28, 2018
    THE NEXT JESUS FILM? Three years ago on a sunny day in Florida, a Regional Director for The Jesus Film was having his vehicle serviced as he traveled through Pensacola. This seasoned man of God, who had watched God use a Christian film to evangelize the world, had been told by the shop’s mechanic, “Hey,
    Eric Hovind
    Have you heard the good news? Your orders are being shipped! After seven years dedicated to the production of the Genesis Movie, we are so excited to announce that they are finally here in the warehouse! Our phones, inboxes, and Facebook pages have been overrun with messages for the past two months asking when
    Eric Hovind
  • PRESS RELEASE: PRNewswire November 10, 2017
    Creation Today Adopts Ultra-D to Promote Genesis Movie PENSACOLA, Fla., Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Creation Today, a ministry of God Quest, Inc., has adopted Stream TV Networks' Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D technology to promote the release of Genesis: Paradise Lost. The feature documentary, playing November 13 and 16 as a two-day special event on more than 1,200 screens, brings the first
    Eric Hovind
CV Indie Film Awards 2018 Best Documentary
CV Indie Film Awards 2018 Best Cinematography Visual / Effects
Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival Best Documentary 2018
Teach Them Diligently 2018 Movie of the Year
International Chrsitian Film Festival Best Director


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